Kindergarten Readiness - Ivywood

Kindergarten Readiness

Kindergarten Readiness for your Child   

  • It is important to help your child prepare for kindergarten by gaining independence.  Encourage your child to become self-sufficient in being able to zip their own clothes/coat, dress themselves, tie their own shoes, wash their hands, complete simple chores.
  • Together with your child, create a morning routine and practice getting ready for school so your child is familiar with the routine before school starts.
  • Read to your child.
  • Pack a lunch box, and let your child unpack and eat their lunch on their own.  Practice opening containers and cleaning up after themselves. Make this fun by going to the park and having a picnic.
  • Encourage your child to wonder.  Have conversations that encourage curiosity and learning new things.  
  • Begin weaning off afternoon naps. Ivywood Classical Academy is a full day kindergarten program.
  • Teach your child bathroom independence by having them use the toilet by themselves and include proper hygiene.