2020 Visions - Ivywood


2020 Visions

2020 Visions


2020 Visions from Ivywood first graders

The Ivywood 1st graders are starting the year off with their 2020 Visions.  The students were asked to complete the following: A goal I have, I will try harder to, A book I want to read and I want to learn.  Based on their responses, these 1st graders are living the Ivywood virtues!  Here are just a few of their visions.
A goal I have…
…to eat healthy and exercise more
…to be kinder
…to get a baby sister
I will try harder…
…keeping my desk clean
…keep my room clean
…to read
I want to learn…
…more math
…to do my hair
…to read better

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