Everyday Heroes - Ivywood

Everyday Heroes

Everyday hero paintingsBack in February, our 3rd graders were learning about heroes during Ancient Roman times.  They discussed what heroes looked like then, what they did during those times and how heroes have evolved and changed over time.  The students were then asked to create the heroes of today.  These everyday heroes lined the Ivywood halls starting in February and still “stood” as our school was closed for COVID.  Reflecting back on this assignment the 3rd graders were given, prior to knowing their world would be turned upside down in the coming months, it is incredible to see that the students already knew who our heroes would be during a world pandemic!  In February, our 3rd graders told us Everyday Heroes of today were, Nurses, Doctors, Police, Teachers, Soldiers, Kind People, Nice People, etc.

Our students already knew who would be the heroes in the upcoming months!  Please take a moment and thank a hero this weekend.