A classroom filled with kindness - Ivywood

A classroom filled with kindness

Class wearing red and green for the holidays

By looking at this picture, you would never know it is one of these students’ first day at Ivywood Classical Academy.  A couple of weeks ago, one of these students came to Ivywood for a tour of the school.  This student was a bit nervous, quiet and unsure as we began our tour.  As our tour progressed, the student began to relax a bit but was still nervous and unsure, as any 4th grader would be.  Halfway through the tour, we happened to meet up with the class this child was thinking of joining and this is where EVERYTHING changed!  We were invited into the classroom and the 4th graders encircled the student, saying “Hi”,”welcome”, “you’ll love it here”, “maybe you’ll sit here”, “let me show you this” and more.  These 4th graders showed this new student so much kindness, that any uncertainty and nervousness this new student had, was completely washed away!  Our tour ended with the new student literally jumping up and down in the school office with excitement to join this class and come to Ivywood Classical Academy.

As we start a new year, we should all remember these students, learn from them, and remember to share more genuine KINDNESS!  Remember to embrace and welcome the new person coming into the room, into your neighborhood, the new parent at school, at a meeting/group.  A little bit of kindness goes a long way in our lives and in other’s lives.  SPREAD KINDNESS!