Parent Testimonial - Brittany and Troy Morris - Ivywood

Parent Testimonial – Brittany and Troy Morris

Brittany and Troy were looking for the best school for their kindergartner, Nolan. Learn why they picked Ivywood Classical Academy below.

“When Troy and I began the conversation about where we would send Nolan to kindergarten, we were all over the board. Do we send him to public, private or charter school? Do I homeschool? We prayed, made many phone calls, sent numerous emails, scheduled tours and attended meetings all because we wanted to make an informed decision. What is best for our family?

Every single school/program that we visited and learned about had wonderful things to offer. Our local public school is probably the most convenient. Both my husband and I went to public schools K-12 and I have worked in the public school system. So, why not? Then we toured a couple private schools in the area. The small class sizes and unique service opportunities were appealing, but they came with a hefty price tag (especially once we have 3 kids in school). Believe it or not, homeschooling was our most recent front runner. I really liked the idea of having control over what my children are learning, the structure, the scheduling, and having a sense of purpose (outside of being mom).

But then, Ivywood Classical Academy announced that they are officially opening this fall. I could probably go on all day on why I stand behind this education, but I’ll just share a few reasons:

1) Students will be taught to seek the WHY behind things. In school, I was a good memorizer –> a good test taker –> a good student. However, if you were to ask me about something that I had learned a year ago, I probably couldn’t remember. I want my children to love seeking truth and knowledge.

2) Although students will take the Michigan standardized test, this is not an emphasis of the education. Benchmarks are a good thing, but I don’t believe that they should be the only determinant as to how well students are doing.

3) Ivywood is a product of The Barney Charter School Initiative, which is an outreach project of Hillsdale College (Troy and I both went there). Ivywood is a new school to Plymouth, but there are 20 other successful, classical charter schools like this one across the United States.

4) Lastly, it’s tuition-free!

Troy and I are very excited to be sending Nolan to Ivywood Classical Academy for Kindergarten. The Lord has definitely opened this door wide (thank goodness). As preschool has come to a close, we are looking forward to this next chapter.”