Teacher Spotlight - Julie Reinhart - Ivywood

Teacher Spotlight – Julie Reinhart

Julie Reinhart is our third grade teacher at Ivywood this year. She grew up right here in the Plymouth-Canton area. She is thrilled to be back home as part of the Ivywood family. 

“I am excited to start this new career journey in education. I cannot wait to learn the curriculum and be part of a new community of educators,” Reinhart said.

She never wanted to have a job in an office building or working in a cubicle. She decided teaching was where she needed to be after spending many hours working with children and being apart of their learning process.

She graduated from Eastern Michigan University with her Elementary Education certification and then earned her Master’s degree in Special Education from Madonna University. 

Classical education really resonates with Julie and she loves being able to implement all of the virtues into the learning components of her teaching.  Knowing that all of them are important, her favorite would be wonder. Wonder is described as having a thirst for knowledge and being amazed by and open to all that life has to offer. 

“As an educator, I want my students to keep questioning and exploring their world. As an educator I want my students to continue to learn on their own, find things that intrigue them and provide them with ways to continue to learn on their own,” Reinhart commented. 

Outside the classroom, Julie is a wife and a mother of two beautiful children. They typically occupy her time with outings and activities.