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Zentangle, Native Americans & Ivywood Vision

In the Ivywood art room…its Zentangle for the 3rd graders studying design. It is a modern angle that the students tied into other forms art. The 3rd graders learned about contemporary artists Maria Thomas and Rick Roberts, the inventors of Zentangle. The students have also reviewed principles of design: repetition, rhythm, and pattern as they looked for their influence in the elements of art: line and pattern through quilt work in a brief art analysis. In addition, the students looked at Irish quilt patterns, learned the theory of “pattern code” in quilt making during the Underground Railroad. Next, the students will look at Faith Ringgold the master quilter to better understand how artists use the elements of art and the principles of design to make various art forms that differ in media such as fabric and paper. Ivywood’s 3rd graders amaze us in how they responded to and rise to these art challenges!

Native American Dioramas
Mr. Bruce’s 3rd graders have recently been learning all about the Native Americans during their History lessons. The students have been learning about all the different tribes, locations where the Native Americans lived and the differences of each tribe. At the end of this History lesson, the students were asked to create Native American dioramas, which included the name of the tribes, locations they lived in and a brief description of the tribes.

“This assignment filled my 3rd grader with wonder and excitement!” ~ Ivywood Parent

“This was by far my 3rd grader’s proudest assignment!” ~ Ivywood Parent

2nd Annual Ivywood Walk-A-Thon
Ivywood is excited to announce our 2nd Annual Ivywood Walk-a-Thon on June 4th. The purpose of this event is to have fun, encourage physical fitness and to raise funds for:
Field trips
Musical instruments
Playground equipment
Classroom supplies
The Ivywood Vision Fund
And much more!
We hope you will support our school and students by considering a monetary contribution for this fun event. Click here to make a donation. If you have any questions about this event, please contact Mrs. VanSickle.

Upcoming events
School Board Meeting – May 18th @ 6pm
No School ~ Memorial Day Weekend – May 28 & 31
Last Day of School – June 18