Special Education - Ivywood

Special Education

As a Michigan public school academy,  Ivywood will be held to the same standards as every public school in Michigan. Even though a classical curriculum is rigorous, Ivywood will work to meet the needs of the individual students that attend each day. Ivywood will use a Multi-Tier System of Supports (MTSS) to meet the instructional needs of the students. If a student qualifies for additional programs and or services, the special education team at Ivywood would develop an Individualized Education Program (IEP). Ivywood will develop programming that is appropriate to meet the individual needs of the student.

In addition, the Academy's contracted Education Service Provider, Choice Schools Associates, provides a special education supervisor that supports school leaders and staff at all of their schools according to their management agreement. This supervisor coordinates outside ancillary services that are required for the care of students and oversees special education compliance. The supervisor is also available to consult with school leaders and teachers on complex IEPs and challenging student behaviors as related to special education, and maintains a close relationship with special education support teams from each ISD where their schools are located. The combination of providing both outside and inside student supports allows for enhanced services and better goal-setting than what is found in the local traditional districts, with the result of increasing overall academic achievement for students with disabilities.