Careers - Ivywood


Ivywood Classical Academy is a public charter school serving families who reside near the Plymouth, Livonia, Canton areas. The school serves students in grades K – 6 and will be adding the 7th grade in 2020 with plans to expand grades every year.

The mission of Ivywood Classical Academy is to teach and equip scholars to become moral and intellectual leaders in a self-governing society. We inspire wonder.

What kind of school is Ivywood Classical Academy?

We are a Core Knowledge school. If you are looking to inspire the love of learning in children, Ivywood is for you! Our culture is built on mutual respect, trust and heart. It is a community that is inviting, welcoming and a joyous place to be. Students at every age practice critical thinking and actively engage in learning through the Socratic teaching method. At Ivywood, teachers are the heart of the school and are surrounded by a support system that is committed to the success of every child. Students at Ivywood thrive within the school’s high expectations and parents are actively engaged, providing a positive learning experience for each child. Classical education embraces the concept of educating the whole child and the notion that children are more than their standardized test scores. In addition to rigorous academics, students explore creative outlets in art and music contributing to the development of well-rounded individuals.

The curriculum in the elementary school consists of explicit phonics in spelling and reading; grammar via diagramming; the Core Knowledge sequence (not to be confused with Common Core) in literature, history, and science; Singapore math; and rudimentary Latin. The reading of great books informed by Socratic discussion commences in the elementary school.