Ivywood's Vision for the Future - Ivywood

Ivywood’s Vision for the Future

Vision for 2025

It is July 2025, Ivywood has finished another school year, and it is evident that the organization is thriving. Next year, we are preparing to welcome our seventh kindergarten class and are excited to have our first 11th-grade class. Even though the Ivywood community is expanding, it still has a small, family-like feel. The board and staff are proud of all they have accomplished together. In our community and throughout the region, the school is highly regarded for its students’ character, confidence, and academic results.

Our students are:
phenomenal human beings that we feel fortunate to educate. Students are well-rounded, humble, and ambassadors of our core virtues. Students discover new passions at Ivywood. As a result, they become fulfilled, lifelong learners, and contributors within their communities.

Our teachers and staff are: part of a collaborative learning community where they can become experts in their craft. The high retention rate of all team members is a product of our strong culture, continual focus on classical curriculum, open communication, and the board’s commitment to providing a competitive compensation package for our staff.

Our board is:
engaged and supportive of the Ivywood team. They view themselves as partners who can empower and equip the school with all that is needed to fulfill its vision. Systems and processes are firmly in place so the school consistently operates in an orderly, organized, and predictable fashion.

Our families are:
active contributors to the educational process at Ivywood and are seen throughout the school building each day. Parents regularly comment that Ivywood has become a second home for their family and credit Ivywood with giving them hope for their children’s future.

Our partners are:
passionate about education and are deeply invested in the Ivywood community. They are connected, sharp and sought-after among the classical education community.

Our facility is:
a beautiful educational institution prepared to accommodate future growth in enrollment and program offerings. The classrooms are bright, full of life, and the hallways are filled with artwork from our talented student artists. It is a joy to see the countless awards and trophies in the display case that our students have received at various festivals, events, and competitions.

We Inspire Wonder