Ways to give

Supporting Ivywood Classical Academy

We Inspire Wonder fundraising project will propel our school forward through a commitment to our students, a promise to our state and a shared responsibility to our world.

This project will:
• Prepare our students for a lifetime of learning and citizenship.
• Build academic and extracurricular programs that equip our students to be dignified human beings.
• Maintain and create the facilities where future generations of Ivywood students will learn, live, play and wonder.

Direct Donations

Ivywood Classical Academy is a non-profit organization. We are accepting contributions for several initiatives, including our Student Wonder fund, on-going support for growth and expansion and teacher professional development.

An online donation link is coming soon!

Other Fundraisers

The school will collect Box Tops in the front office.

From scholarships to soccer nets and campus development to curriculum materials, Ivywood Classical Academy needs your support to help launch the school. Your gift to Ivywood Classical Academy is an investment in our students, our teachers and our society.

Please contact Tyler Horning at tylerhorning@choiceschools.com to learn more.