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Ivywood Timeline

Ivywood's Board members standing with members of Choice Central Office team after presenting Phase II application to a potential authorizing university.August, 28th 2018: Ivywood's Board and Choice Schools' employees presented the Phase II application to potential authorizing university.

CMU is a state and national leader in charter school authorizing, with more than 20 years of experience launching, supporting and overseeing public charter schools.December 6th, 2018: Central Michigan University approved our charter agreement, officially granting Ivywood the ability to become a tuition-free, public charter classical school.

Jim Musgraves, Myranda Fabian, Troy Morris and Tyler Horning February 20th, 2019: Ivywood board members attended their first organizational meeting with authorizer CMU.

Myranda Fabian, Tyler Horning and Troy Morris being sworn in as official board membersApril 4th, 2019: Ivywood's Board is sworn in as official board members. We held out first Organizational Meeting. We found out Ivywood would officially open in the fall of 2019.  

Ivywood building before renovations were madeApril 5th, 2019: Ivywood announces the official building for the school and that we will be opening fall 2019.

Plymouth Observer heading with a picture of Ivywood's four board members underneathApril 17th, 2019: We were featured in the Plymouth Observer!

Picture of our letter announcing our district codeApril 22nd, 2019:  We received our district code number from the MI Dept. of Ed.

Ivywood building with construction happening in front of it and Ivywood banner. May 2019: Renovations on our building get started.

Meet your principal Stephanie KooikerMay 29th, 2019: Stephanie Kookier is hired and announced as our school principal

Jim Musgrave standing in front of the capitol building in LansingJune 11th, 2019: One of our founding board members, Jim Musgrave, was at the Michigan State Capitol advocating for Ivywood families and school choice.

Two students taking a photo with an Ivywood photo frameJune 23rd, 2019: We held our first family event and parking lot party at the school.

Ivywood families walking in a 4th of July parade July 4th, 2019: We walked in the Northville 4th of July parade

Desks in a classroomAugust 5th, 2019: All of our furniture was moved into our building.

Ivywood's Playground August 9th, 2019: Our playground is installed.

Ivywood building with name sign installed August 20th, 2019: Our sign is installed on the side of our building.

Large group of people cutting ribbon with large scissors August 22, 2019: Our ribbon-cutting ceremony and the first time families can tour our building.

Students gathered around a student holding the american flag September 3rd, 2019: The first day of school!

Grandparents Day Celebration September 13th, 2019: We held our first Grandparents Day celebration.