Our Mission, Vision & Virtues - Ivywood

Our Mission, Vision & Virtues

Our Mission and Vision


Ivywood Classical Academy teaches and equips scholars to become moral and intellectual leaders in a self-governing society. We inspire wonder.


Our scholars desire the truth, do the good, and love the beautiful.

Our Virtues

The primary function of classical education is purposeful dissemination of knowledge. Students do not merely need to learn “critical thinking skills” but also need to furnish their minds and imaginations with something to think about. We call this wonder.

At Ivywood high academic achievement, personal discipline, moral character and responsibility are consistently reinforced through the study of classical liberal arts. The emphasis of our curriculum is upon the core disciplines of math, science, history, language arts, and foreign languages. Each of these disciplines is taught with an emphasis upon our own history and traditions as American citizens and inheritors of Western Civilization. Beyond curriculum, all students at Ivywood are trained in study skills such as time management, organization and note taking that are essential for building stamina for further academic pursuits.

Our success is born out of the intentional interaction between teacher, student and curriculum. Without dedicated, competent teachers, the best educational practices will never come to fruition in the classroom. Ivywood’s teachers are professionals who believe in the mission of Ivywood and embrace the responsibility of carrying it out. Our classroom instruction is knowledge-based, and teacher-led, incorporating the Socratic Method of engaging dialogue between the teacher and the student. Our curriculum is relevant to all students, regardless of their current position in their path to knowledge and our team is intentional in meeting the needs of each student.

Courage Virtue Icon


I take action even when I am scared.

Respect Virtue Icon


I see the inherent value in others.

Excellence Virtue Icon


I deliver my personal best.

Integrity Virtue Icon


I do the right thing even when no one is watching.

Humility Virtue Icon


I serve others before serving myself.

Self Government Virtue Icon


I use self-control in my actions.

Wonder Virtue Icon


I have a thirst for knowledge. I am amazed by and open to all that life has to offer.