Get Involved

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How to Spread the Word:

o Encourage friends and family to enroll at Ivywood Classical Academy.
o Follow our Facebook and Instagram pages and like our posts.
o Comment on our posts to help spur discussion.
o Share our posts on your neighborhood Facebook pages and community groups. o Invite friends and family to our upcoming Info Hours & events.
o Help connect us with other community groups you may be involved in (MOPS, church groups, homeschool co-ops, etc.).

Help Plan Events:

o We are looking to plan family-friendly events this summer to build our community, and we need your help spreading the word, thinking of activities and volunteering at the event.
o Are you hosting or attending your own event this summer? Share information about Ivywood with your friends, family and community.

Share your Testimonials:

o Share a photo or video with a testimonial describing why you plan on sending your child to Ivywood.
o Put a yard sign in your front yard or business.
o Once you receive your enrollment packet, post a photo of your child with the acceptance poster. o Post a “Ask me about Ivywood Classical Academy” image on your Facebook page. A branded image can be found on

Become an Ivywood Ambassador:

o Join the fundraising or marketing committee.
o Volunteer to call new Ivywood families.

Do you have any other ideas?

Share any and all ideas with us! Email us at What other ways would you like to be involved?