February Celebrations at Ivywood Classical Academy - Ivywood

February Celebrations at Ivywood Classical Academy

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We at Ivywood Classical Academy have celebrated an amazing February with an interactive science exhibit from a local business, a celebration of our 100th day of school, our first Homecoming celebration and more.

Ivywood parents and scientists from local chemical producer BASF visited our 5th graders with a special presentation and hands-on lab in which they made potato batteries. This project teaches them about electrolytes, conductivity and chemical reactions.

Scientists from Chemical company BASF teach Ivywood Classical Academy students about chemical reactions in the classroom      Ivywood Classical Academy Students create a working potato battery working with chimcal company BASF

Since Ivywood Classical Academy’s inception in 2019, we have sought to educate students through content-rich and classically-based curriculum. We are so proud to have grown as much as we have, and with that school pride comes our first Homecoming celebration with our inaugural 9th grade class. Our boy’s basketball team played the staff in front of a packed house, and our students went on to celebrate their first Homecoming dance with dinner, dance, and a celebration of friendship between our high school students.

Photo from Ivywood Classical ACademy's inaugural staff vs. students homecoming basketball game, student dribbles basketball past staff member on basketball court.    Photo of Ivywood Classical Academy students lined up at the stairs to pose for a picture at the inaugural Homecoming dance

To see what else we have in store this year at Ivywood Classical Academy this year, be sure to visit us on social media and keep up with our blog.

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