Re-enrolling Students - Ivywood

Re-enrolling Students

Re-enrollment for current families is open now through 2/14/2020. See link below to access our parent portal.

Student WebID access information will be sent home with directions to create a Parent Portal account that links to your child’s profile if you haven’t already created one.

Please contact the school by email ( or phone (248) 207-1757 for information on re-enrollment via snapcode.

Re-enrolling Students

  • The academy shall notify parents or guardians of all enrolled students of the deadline for notifying the academy that they wish to re-enroll their child.
  • If the academy board has a sibling preference policy, the re-enrollment notice must also request that the parent or guardian indicate whether a sibling(s) seeks to enroll for the upcoming academic year.
  • An enrolled student who does not re-enroll by the specified date can only apply to the academy during the application period for new students.
  • An applicant on the waiting list at the time a new application period begins must reapply as a new student.
  • After collecting the parent or guardian responses, the Academy must determine the following:
    • The number of students who have re-enrolled per grade or grouping level.
    • The number of siblings seeking admission for the upcoming academic year per grade.
    • If space is unavailable, the Academy must develop a waiting list for siblings of re-enrolled students.
    • The number of spaces remaining, per grade, after enrollment of current students and siblings.